About „Mano dienynas“
"Mano dienynas” is a learning network that modernizes and makes daily teaching and learning processes much easier.
Web based system for children, their parents, teachers and all school administration can become the main daily tool since it not only replaces paper diaries and grade books, but ensures a faster and more effective accounting of class attendance, necessary reports, closer communication among social or private groups from any part of the world.  
Every system user has a different login ID and password and uses the adapted functions. All students are able to see their learning results, ratings, schedules and the changes. Parents, even those who live abroad, have a possibility to see their child learning results, attendance, ratings, teachers remarks, etc. They are able to communicate with teachers and class supervisors via system. Teachers do not have to calculate the averages or missed classes, rewrite reports anymore – all this will be done by "Mano dienynas". Class supervisors now are able to monitor the matters of their class, organize class activities, parents meetings, etc. School supervisors can promptly receive information about the school's academic records, subjects, teachers, parents, and other relevant information. They can also access the necessary documents from any place with Internet  in the world.
Get to know "Mano dienynas" functions for:

   School Administration
   Parents / Guardians

You will find a detailed system guide once you log in.