For Partners
"Mano dienynas" system has a strong potential to become a widely known system for teachers, students and their parents. To make it more international and known we are looking for partners in any part of the world to present our high potential low risk product and to become an official "Mano dienynas" distributor in your market.
Based on this idea we offer a preliminary distribution conditions that allow our partners to make the following actions in a determined market:
   Make a synergetic business by distributing a good product with a wide know-how and sharing the profit in half
   Make market research, look for new contacts and present the product where needed;
   Represent "Mano dienynas" in local conferences and other events;
   Sign the needed contracts with local service providers that are needed for product functionality;
   Offer the advertising solutions for local companies and sell the advertisement space;
   Execute the annual sales plans agreed by both sides.
   Make periodical distributor reports;
   Make the needed financial transactions.

We as a partner commit to:
   Ensure a faultless operation of the system;
   Provide a constant technical support and make new needed improvements and installations;
   Provide all the know-how needed to present and distribute the product;
   Ensure all the needed product translations, presentations, demo versions, instructions, guides, or any other product presentation related items;
   Provide an international Help Centre in local language.