Where to Start?
Educational institution (where you work, you or your children study) needs to sign a simple agreement in order its members to use "Mano dienynas" so you can start using its benefits.
After that educational institution provides a list of the members who will be using the system. Each user receives the first login name and a temporary password and can log into the system for the first time. After the real e-mail address is confirmed and a desired password is set, each user use the system according to their needs.
If you are a manager of an educational institution and you would like to try out our system, we invite you to contact us and you will have this opportunity right away.
If you are not manager of educational institution, but work or study in one of them which does not use any diary system, or is looking for something better, then you are in the right place. For some questions you are also welcome to contact us. We can provide more information and contribute for your educational institution to take the best solution.

"Mano dienynas" can be used by any educational institution:

   Pre-school educations;
   Main education schools;
   Vocational training institutions;
   High Schools;
   Private and other training institutions.